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Divine Love College, Kuchikau, is a school with a unique history. The story of the college began in 2005 when Rev. Mother Ifechukwu Udorah and a team of sisters in the Abuja region acquired the land where the college is currently located. The land was left fallow for about ten years before the desire to bring quality education to the people of Kuchikau in Nasarawa State was ignited. In 2013, the Daughters of Divine Love started developing the estate, which gave birth to the beautiful architectural piece we have today. 

The school commenced operation on September 2nd, 2015 at a colourful ceremony hosted by Mother Chilota Elochukwu and attended by Most Rev. Matthew Ishaya Audu the Catholic Bishop of Lafia Diocese. The pioneer principal of Divine Love College, Kuchikau, Rev. Sr. M. Chidummebi Oguejiofor had seven students and led a team of sisters, tutorial and non-tutorial staff who shared the same desire to bring quality education to the people in the hinter land of Kuchikau. The initial passion for excellence inspired them to take part in various competitions, where the students won numerous awards. At the close of the first term, the student population grew to 17 demonstrating the impact of the school in such a short time.

Since its inception, Divine Love College aspires to become the best school in the region. The college working with the Nigerian curriculum has designed programs to provide students with a well-rounded education that focuses on high academic standards, moral values, and character development. The school’s vision which is the Holistic formation of the Child is targeted on producing graduates who will be agents of positive change in their communities and beyond, hence the motto: Love and integrity and the philosophy: Each child is God’s unique masterpiece that must be nurtured to full potential.

The first set of the school sat for WASSCE and NECO examinations in 2021 and the results were exceptional. The school recorded a 100% pass rate. With zero tolerance for examination malpractice, this result is a testament to the desired commitment to high academic standards.

In addition to academics, Divine Love College is committed to providing students with a well-rounded education. The school has a range of co-curricular and extracurricular activities that are designed to help students develop their talents and skills. A veritable example is the first edition of the cultural day held in July 2018. It was filled with glamour and rich with the African/Nigerian culture in full display. Also the school in March 2022, organised a world-class inter-house sports event that is worthy of being mentioned here.

Divine Love College has come a long way since its inception. From humble beginnings, the school has grown into a reputable institution of learning that is making a positive impact in the region. The school’s commitment to high standards of learning, moral values and character development is what sets it apart from other institutions. We are a school on a mission: To provide quality education through commitment to excellent academic programmes and moral principles that make a whole person and this will fuel our drive.

i.e., living a life that is honest and upright. (i) deriving the intrinsic satisfaction from doing what is right at all times even when no one is watching. (ii) being courageous especially in admitting and learning from one’s mistakes.

entails upholding a caring and friendly community with God as the enabler. (i) being selfless (ii) accepting who you are as well as others, the diversity of human gifts and culture. (ii) appreciating the contributions of others (ii) cultivating a sense of gratitude especially by greeting and thanking teachers at the beginning and end of every lesson (iii) participating actively in school activities, as well as community development services.

i.e. doing what you are supposed to do (the right thing) in time and space whether you feel like so or not. It means setting the ultimate goal and constantly focusing on it to help you overcome deceitful passions and impulses. Discipline is the root of success! Aim at intrinsic values above extrinsic values! Set your bio-clock right, think, then act, imagine, then create, be consistent, don’t stop, NEVER GIVE UP!

Means being accountable for our words, actions and inactions, i.e. to: (i) be committed to duty and in keeping ones words (ii) be punctual and properly dressed to every occasion (ii) prepare thoroughly for tests and examinations to the best of one’s ability (iii) take good care of school property and ensure constant cleanliness of the environment.

Each child is God's unique masterpiece that must be nurtured to full potential.

[PRICED above all, but God] - Perseverance, Responsibility, Integrity, Care, Enthusiasm and Discipline.

Means determination and dedication to duty. Giving every task big or small, maximum tenacity; being encouraged to challenge and improve every process where necessary, to complete and submit all tasks/assignments with superb quality and in a timely manner, to seek for help from classmates, staff and parents when necessary and to a be proactive team player.

Being forward looking and always in high spirit to seize the day. Igniting one’s passion and inspiring shared vision. (i) setting smart targets with clear action plans for achieving them (ii) Looking out for new skills and knowledge to acquire.


Divine love
where knowledge is acquired,
where we stand firm,
where love is flowing,
like Rivers and Lakes,
like Seas and Oceans,
where we learn to understand
what education means.

Divine love
where discipline is acquired,
where manners are acquired,
where integrity is practised,
where excellence is hobby,

where we learn to understand
what education means.

Rules & Regulation

Formal education will earn you a living while self education will earn you a fortune . So be wise, learn mostly on your own! Divine Love College students are expected to be of good behaviour especially by being polite to everyone at all times within and outside the school to reflect the good image of the institution. Rules are made not necessarily to punish but for guidance and direction to aid students to acquire discipline for their personal growth and to be responsible.

The college rules are all stated in the college diary.

Our Awesome

Team Of Staff

Rev. Sr. Chidebelu P. Nwigwe


Rev. Sr. Pauline Okwum

Vice Principal Admin

Mr. Nwosu Paul Chibuike

Vice Principal Academics